The World’s Biggest Live Gift Exchange

Gifted Norwich will make history through community. We’ll be sharing and celebrating the amazing people and communities that thrive across Norfolk, all in aid of local charity New-U.

Gifted tackles two of the country’s biggest issues, the cost-of-living crisis, and the deterioration of social connection. Gifted will connect potentially thousands of local community members together as ‘gifters’; with businesses, artists, crafters, and the public all taking part.

Businesses can gift physical products, services or gift cards, artists and crafters can gift handmade items and the public can either choose a no-cost ‘goodwill gift’ from a diverse idea list, or they can come up with their own unique goodwill ideas or hand-made items. For those choosing to create their own handmade gifts we’ll be working with community partners to curate a programme of workshops and drop-in events, where anyone can come along to make theirs.

Exchange Day - 12th October 2024

Held at The Forum in Norwich city centre, we’ll bring together people from all walks of life in a unique and celebratory social experience.

Those able to attend on the day will be randomly given a sealed envelope with details of their gifts inside. These will be opened simultaneously, making a world record for the largest live gift exchange.

Players will be able to instantly claim physical gifts or receive information about how to claim goodwill and services gifts.

We hope you’ll love your gift, but if it isn’t something you can use then gifts can be donated back to us to go into a charity auction.

Anyone not able to attend on exchange day will be emailed details of their gift afterwards and will have three weeks claim it.

Event Targets




New-U is a registered charity which takes action to improve social mobility alongside environmental causes. Partnering with Gifted Exchange for the Gifted project will enable us to reach further into the community to deliver the shared vision of connecting people, businesses and community organisations. We offer individualised work experience placements to unemployed people to help break down barriers preventing them moving towards work or training. Our clothes and accessories swap shop in Norwich encourages the wider community to put items they no longer wear back into circulation by swapping them for something they will use. Promoting the circular economy and thrifty shopping empowers everyone involved to contribute towards reducing textile waste whilst allowing those on work experience to gain in confidence and skills in a ‘real’ work setting. As a UK registered charity we rely on fundraising to cover the majority of our costs. Any funds raised through this project will go directly towards supporting unemployed people and the communities we operate in.

Gifted Exchange


Gifted Exchange is a new community interest company specifically set up to run 'Gifted' events, the first of which is Gifted Norwich. In these challenging times, the cost of living crisis and fraying social bonds have taken a toll on our mental health. Gifted tackles these issues head-on while supporting charities that continue the good work long after the live events. Gifting is a time-honored way to build connections. Gifted unites everyone – businesses, artists, and everyday people. Businesses gain exposure through promotional gifts, and the public participates for free! Gifted creates community through the joy of giving and receiving. Participants don’t just exchange gifts; they share stories, building lasting bonds. With its wide appeal, this event welcomes everyone. The months of preparation will be just as vital as the event itself, fostering a true sense of community.