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Be a part of history, your community and a unique social experience.

World Record

We'll be making a brand-new world record, putting Norwich in the history books. Join in for an unforgettable social experience.


Gifted Norwich isn’t just about receiving a gift; it’s an experience. Feel the excitement of exchanging something unexpected.

Spread Joy

Through a small gift of kindness, you’ll spread joy, connect with your community, and play a role in tackling real-world problems.

Gifting Guide

Goodwill Gifts

Choose from the below Goodwill gift ideas or come up with your own.

Handmade Gifts

Join a free community workshop or hand craft something at home. See below for some ideas.


You must be 18+ to take part. However, children are welcome on event day and there will be special activities for them to do.


Physical gifts must be delivered to the New-U store in the Castle Quarter Shopping Centre, in person or by post.

Goodwill Gift Ideas


Do you have an Airbnb or holiday space that you can give out for a night or two?

Buy a Cuppa

Take someone out for a cup of tea or coffee and share your story.

Car Wash

Offer to wash someone's car for them.

Cooking or Baking

Whip up a batch of cookies or a simple meal to share with someone.

Decluttering Assistance

Help someone clear some clutter. Offer to sort, organise, or help them with items.

DIY or Gardening

Help out with a spot of work in the home or garden.

Dog Walking

Offer some free babysitting or pet-sitting to give them some well-deserved time off.

Elderly Companionship

Sometimes the most precious gift is time. Visit someone who may feel isolated.

Give Plant, Veg or Flowers

If you’re a gardener, share a cutting, plant or bag of homegrown veg.

Heartfelt Card or Letter

Send something with a poem, appreciation, encouragement or advice.

Offer Your Expertise

Offer to help someone with a task that taps into your abilities.

Run Errands

Pick up groceries, drop something off, or do a simple task for someone.

Tour Guide

Share your love of nature or a location with a guided walk.


Think of your own fabulous goodwill gift idea!

Handmade Gift Ideas

Rag Rugging

There are so many things you can create from used clothing. Click above to see a list of ideas for inspiration.

Decorated Tin Cans

Source clean tin cans (coffee, soup, etc.) and transform them into pen holders, planters, or candle holders. You can paint, decoupage, or wrap them with fabric for personalisation. Click above to see a tutorial video on YouTube.

Jewellery Workshop

Collect unwanted jewelry, buttons, beads, and other trinkets. You can create new necklaces, bracelets, or earrings using these found objects. Click above to see a tutorial video on YouTube.

Seed Paper Making

This eco-friendly gift involves embedding wildflower seeds in recycled paper. It’s a beautiful & sustainable way to give a gift. Click above to see a tutorial video on YouTube.

Pressed Flower Art

Take a walk and collect different flowers and leaves. You can press them and then use them to create framed artwork, bookmarks, or greeting cards. Click above to see a tutorial video on YouTube.

Simple Bath Bombs

With a few basic ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils, you can create your own fizzy bath bombs. You can even use muffin tins as molds! Click above to see a tutorial video on YouTube.

Spice Blending Party

This is a fun and functional gift idea. Provide a variety of spices, herbs, and chilies. Click above to see a tutorial video on YouTube.

Stencil Printing

You can choose a stencil design, secure it to a bag, t-shirt, pillowcase or tea towel, and then use fabric paint to create a personalized and stylish design. Click above to see a tutorial video on YouTube.