Makers & Artists

We want to help creators from Norwich & Norfolk get noticed, start conversations and foster a sense of community.

For the price of a small gift you’ll get these fantastic benefits:

World Record

We’ll be making a brand new world record, putting Norwich in the history books. Join in for an unforgettable social experience.


We’ll showcase gifts on our platform and social media to a large, diverse audience – with the best and quirkiest being highlighted the most.


Gifts will be displayed at a special exhibition at the Forum, the week before the event.


You could be included in coverage by our media partner, the EDP.


Start conversations that could translate into increased sales, recognition, and even valuable commissions.

Maker & Artist Gifting Guide


Gift anything handmade, from crafts and artworks or even services likes lessons. The best and quirkiest gifts will gain more exposure on the platform and social media.


Gifts must have an estimated £10 minimum value and must be zero cost for the recipient. This means no discount codes or offers.


Physical gifts must be delivered to the New-U store in the Castle Quarter Shopping Centre, in person or by post.


The last day to submit gifts is September 30th 2024