Community Groups

We are looking for community groups to run gift-making workshops! Be part of history, encourage community cohesion and create a unique social experience.


Hosting a Gifted maker's workshop will further support the communities you work with, as well as bringing in new audiences.


A gifted workshop is all about helping people try new things and discover hidden talents.

Connection & Cohesion

By getting involved you're part of an exciting new project creating new connections and social cohesion.

Workshops can be one-off events, where people can make specific items to add to the gift exchange, or a regular meeting where they can share different ideas and skills to get them started on their maker’s journey.


  • They can be any new or existing activity.
  • They can help people learn a new skill and/or create gifts.
  • They must take place between 1st July –  1st October 2024 and be free to participate in.
Whatever your group offers, by adding your activities to our gifted event map you’re helping make connections, spread joy and share the great work you are already doing!

Register A Workshop

We’ve made it as easy as possible to run a gift-making workshop. As, host you can help people through the gift listing process either online (they will need an email address) or with the paper forms in the pack.

Below you can download a workshop pack that includes:

  • A poster to advertise the workshop.
  • An application form that you can print for people who prefer paper forms to computers.
  • Social media assets that you can use to promote the workshop.

Please register your workshop with us so we can help spread the word. If you would like some ideas on handmade gifts that can be created in workshops click below.

Group Gifting Guide

Goodwill Gifts

Participants can choose from a list of Goodwill gift ideas or create their own.

Handmade Gifts

Groups can hand craft items at a workshop or later, at home. Anyone from seasoned pros to complete beginners can take part.


You must be 18+ to take part. However, children are welcome on event day and there will be special activities for them to do.


Physical gifts must be delivered to the New-U store in the Castle Quarter Shopping Centre, in person or by post. This can be done in bulk by the group leader or individually.